I’m a lifestyle writer specialising in health and food culture

Hi there! I’m Laura, a lifestyle writer experienced in print, web and video journalism.

My work has been featured in national titles including the Guardian, the Daily Express, Healthy Food Guide, Delicious, and Waitrose Weekend. I also work with commercial clients to write case study reports. I’ve previously written for a variety of niche titles, regional press and B2B magazines, including Fire and Knives, the Liverpool Echo, the Chester Chronicle and Brownfield Briefing. I’ve also previously worked in the private healthcare sector as a Digital Content Writer.

Now, I write mainly about wellbeing and lifestyle, specifically health, fitness and food culture. These are topics I take a personal interest in, and I love to find new and interesting angles in popular ideas. I have a strict no-nonsense approach to my writing, and steer clear of fads and pseudoscience. I cut through the sensationalism that can dominate health and wellbeing reporting, and instead seek out real experts to add credibility to my work.

In other work… back in 2012 my husband and I launched Digest, a food website that explored the ins and outs of food beyond restaurant reviews and recipes. Excitingly, Digest will re-launch in 2019.

I’m currently available for feature commissions and new opportunities, so please get in touch if you’d like to know more.