To all the lockdowns I could’ve known before June 16, 2020 - This series of short vignettes are re-imaginings of what lockdown could have looked like in my previous homes, in other times.
Why Taika Waititi’s Oscars rant was no joke February 14, 2020 - Why is his anecdote of suffering from work-related chronic pain being labelled as “hilarious”?
What swimming has taught me about freelancing January 31, 2020 - Staring up at the ceiling while trying to quieten my mind after a rough week, it dawned on me that freelancing is a lot like swimming.
Woman rolling dough Why there’s no shame in a second job October 23, 2019 - Working a second job to support your career doesn't mean you've failed, it's a sign of resilience.
Woman wearing headphones and using mobile phone The best podcasts for freelance writers September 19, 2019 - Headphones at the ready - these are the podcasts I love listening to as a freelance writer
Women laughing Learning to love networking as a freelance journalist May 17, 2019 - Unless you're an extrovert, I'm pretty sure the idea of networking sends a lot of people somewhere on the spectrum of panic. But last night, that all changed.
Going on air about my IBS April 19, 2019 - How I ended up on the BBC three times in 24 hours talking about how a medical trial helped my IBS symptoms.
How to shop plastic free: An introduction January 26, 2019 - Much like plastic itself, the plastic-free movement is going to be around for a long time. Like most people last year, I was brutally shaken by Blue Planet II. I’d instantly wanted to throw out all of the unnecessary plastic in my house until I realised the cruel irony.