From the frontline of free school meals October 30, 2020 - This week, I looked into the eyes of children who might have gone hungry. But because of the efforts of my local community, this half term 5,000 free lunches were distributed across Lewisham to families who usually rely on free school meals.
Autumnwatch 2020 is just the respite we need October 23, 2020 - Springwatch transformed my love of nature and brought meaning to a summer of lockdown. Now, Autumnwatch promises to bring just as much solace to the uncertain winter ahead.
Swimming turned my health around. Don’t close down an essential service. October 16, 2020 - The closure of swimming pools in the latest lockdown is a short-sighted move on the nation's wellbeing.
A lined page of a notepad, with shorthand outlines on it How to pass 100wpm shorthand October 2, 2020 - Level up your shorthand practice with these tips.
A notepad is on a wooden table and has a pen resting on top of it. On the pages there are lots of shorthand notes. On the left hand side of the photo is the corner of the shorthand exercise book. On teaching myself shorthand September 30, 2020 - A dawning realisation hit me earlier this year: I'd never passed my shorthand exam.
To all the lockdowns I could’ve known before June 16, 2020 - This series of short vignettes are re-imaginings of what lockdown could have looked like in my previous homes, in other times.
Image by Content Pixie on Unsplash Could work-related chronic pain be our next big health problem? June 3, 2020 - A survey on working at home through lockdown could be foreshadowing a huge problem for our desk-based workforce.
Why Taika Waititi’s Oscars rant was no joke February 14, 2020 - Why is his anecdote of suffering from work-related chronic pain being labelled as “hilarious”?
What swimming has taught me about freelancing January 31, 2020 - Staring up at the ceiling while trying to quieten my mind after a rough week, it dawned on me that freelancing is a lot like swimming.
Woman rolling dough Why there’s no shame in a second job October 23, 2019 - Working a second job to support your career doesn't mean you've failed, it's a sign of resilience.