Content & Marketing

I work with brands, organisations and charities to bring ideas to life with words.

When I write copy for clients – whether it’s a social media post, brochure, website, email, or a campaign concept – I’m always thinking, what’s the story?

Maybe it’s because I’m a trained journalist. But I reckon stories are where the power of great copy lies. It’s about the stories we tell, and how we tell them.

Writing great copy starts with building great relationships.

I’m great at facilitating conversations with the people who know their product, service or cause inside-out. I need to know what they know, so I can translate it into whatever they need. My relationships are how I get to the nuggets, the insights and key bits of information – especially when it comes to writing about complex ideas or subjects.

My clients have included Immediate Media, Canvas8, Obicà and OLIVER agency. I’ve worked with clients to produce brochures, direct marketing, email newsletters, advertorials, social media posts, internal communications, conference materials and digital advertising. I’ve produced content for high-profile brands in the life insurance, wellbeing, motor and luxury education sectors.

Copywriting services

By working with a broad range of clients, both directly and within agencies, I’ve gained a lot of experience across plenty of copywriting projects for B2B and B2C, including:

  • Websites (products and services)
  • Brochures
  • Content marketing (email newsletters, news articles and blogs)
  • Case studies
  • Script writing (live video and animation)
  • Infographics
  • Social media posts (paid and organic)
  • Tone of voice guidelines and review
  • Editing and rewriting to brand tone of voice
  • Campaign narratives (overarching ideas, headlines and tags)
  • Out of home campaign copy (billboards, posters and public transport)
  • Always-on copy
  • DMs
  • Proofreading

To find out how I can help with words on your next project, get in touch at Or check out my Worksome profile and hire me for your next project. My copywriting portfolio is available on request.