A sweet idea

The American marshmallow has a sophisticated French cousin. Thanks to Sheila Harrington, guimauves are on Dulwich’s doorstep.

Paris has a lot to offer: the romantic capital of Europe has provided endless inspiration for fashion, art and food. And its power to inspire isn’t lost on Sheila Harrington, who – having eaten France’s answer to the marshmallow during trips to the city – has now turned her hand to making the little clouds of confectionary right here in Dulwich.

“I thought, ‘This is a really good idea, because we don’t really have these,” Sheila says. “We don’t have marshmallows which are flavoured, which are handmade. People haven’t got the opportunity to buy them.”

And so in 2015, she began her quest to change our current understanding of the sweets – American, big and fluffy – and teach us the French for marshmallow.

Excerpt taken from the June/July issue of Dulwich Diverter