Anna Jones: How I stay healthy

As a vegetarian, Anna chooses seasonal foods and a rainbow of fruit and veg – a regime that bodes well for good health

I became vegetarian seven years ago

It was just as nose-to-tail eating was becoming trendy. Saying, ‘I’m a vegetarian, I can’t eat that,’ was like uttering a profanity around that time! But recipe testing so many meat dishes had left me feeling jaded and quite unwell. Becoming vegetarian changed everything: my hair, my skin… And my weight came into balance, too.

My cooking is more creative now

I stopped thinking in a set way – what goes with this piece of meat or that fish. Now it’s more about the seasons and how I’m feeling on the day. That’s what keeps this way of eating exciting.

Cast your nutrition net wide

Choose a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and stock up on grains, pulses and ours. If you make sure you’re having five or six different grains over the week, or five or six different pulses, it’s like putting a bet on every horse in the race – you can’t lose nutritionally.

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