Can't sleep? Let me tell you a story…

Bedtime stories are no longer just for children. Audio books and mobile apps are being put to use to help adults beat poor sleeping habits, reports Laura Day.

You listen to the crackling of a desert campfire while softly swinging in a hammock, staring up at the black, star-smattered sky. You feel peaceful, relaxed, and begin to drift off… The best bit? You can go there every night, thanks to a new form of audiobook known as sleep stories – immersive, descriptive narratives designed to help you relax at bedtime.

It seems more people who struggle to switch off at bedtime are turning to audiobooks as a solution. The latest insights from data analytics company Nielsen suggests that bedtime is the second most popular time to listen to an audiobook, with over a third of listeners choosing this option. A spokesperson from Audible told HFG that its Hello Sleep audiobook is one of its most popular to date, while leading meditation app Headspace says its sleep content is among the company’s top three downloads. So why such a surge in demand?

This feature originally appeared in the December 2019 issue of Healthy Food Guide Magazine
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