Courageous conversations

Peckham resident Michelle Morgan’s career has always been about improving the lives of others. But when she experienced her own major burnout, depression and anxiety, little did she know the ordeal would become another force for good.

In December 2016, Michelle Morgan sat at the bottom of her stairs and felt like she couldn’t go on. “I was utterly broken. What that felt like was helplessness, hopelessness and exhaustion. I couldn’t work anything out any more. I couldn’t make decisions. I felt worn out with life.”

Although she wouldn’t know it for some time, this major burnout would lead her to founding Pjoys, a pyjama company with purpose, training as a mental health first aider and becoming an ambassador for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England. And now she’s even written her first book, a self-help guide titled Own Your Awkward.

This is an excerpt from the December 2021 issue of The Peckham Peculiar. Read the full article on Issuu.