‘My doctor said he’d never seen results like mine’

The success of a low-calorie diet motivated Nick to continue eating healthily

Having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, in February 2016 Nick Barnes, 60, undertook the 8-week Blood Sugar Diet (eating a low-carb Mediterranean-style diet, averaging just 800 calories a day). At the end of it, we reported that, incredibly, his blood-sugar levels were back to normal. One year on, is he still managing his diabetes?

‘I had the HbA1c test for blood sugar levels a few months after finishing the 8-week diet. It’s a more detailed test than the basic fingerprick one, and it went right off the scale – but in the right direction. My doctor said he’d never seen anything like it. My latest test was 5.6, which is well within the target and I haven’t had to take any diabetes medication for a year.’