Specialising in TV at university has meant I’ve often been the only one on my team who knows how to operate a camera. That, and the reason why you should ask your interviewee what they ate for breakfast.

In 2008 I worked as a broadcast journalist covering the Liverpool World Firefighters Games. I produced stories for a daily broadcast at the Liverpool Arena. I covered events including cycling, swimming and iron dog, where I interviewed Peter Purves of Crufts fame. I was also the script editor for the official commemorative DVD, which was distributed worldwide. The same year marked the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, which I covered as a news video package for Liverpool Life.

I’ve also turned my video skills to food, shooting short recipe videos for Healthy Food Guide as part of a strategy to grow its social media audience (it did, by around 480% per post).

For BMI Healthcare I led a project to produce video content, which I produced, shot, edited and made a package of graphics for. The videos utilised the expertise within regional healthcare teams to report on innovations, tell patient stories and produce symptom and treatment information videos with hospital consultants. 

Want to get me behind the camera for you (or in front?) Get in touch.

Zane Robertson leaning on an Alter-G machine Patient stories and doctor’s insights using video - Telling on-the-ground stories and giving patients expert advice, with a digital video content strategy for BMI Healthcare
What’s the Pig Idea? - The Pig Idea is a campaign aiming to reintroduce hospitality and catering food scraps as feed for pigs.