Pimp My Salad: Vegan toppers for creative cooks

While lockdown has seen us snacking and indulging more, it has also prompted a large-scale return to the kitchen and preparing home-cooked meals. As we cook more, Pimp My Salad is catering to Australians’ growing desire for healthy ingredients and creative cooking at home.

Veganism in Australia has rapidly evolved from a niche leaning to a dietary way of life. As more consumers make conscious choices about their diets as a result of the pandemic, plant-based brands promoting health and well-being are ideally placed to capitalise. One such brand, Pimp My Salad, offers vegan meal and snack toppers, touting suitability for those on paleo, keto, gluten, or dairy-free diets. The Aussie brand’s quirky capsule collection of plant-based nut and seed combinations is made for home cooks to add to salads, pasta, toast, and more. Think activated superseeds, cashew ‘parmesan’, and coconut ‘bacon’ – but don’t let those names fool you, there are no animal derivatives here.

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